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Discover the top 10 threats & rules to thrive in an AI-driven world

Will your boss or clients clone you without your consent? It's already happening!


The future is here, but few understand how to compete or collaborate with technology that is faster and cheaper than they will ever be. Until now...


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From the Wolf Pack

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"As someone who works with AI daily in my business, I was hooked by 'The Wolf is at the Door.'  It not only sheds light on AI's huge impact on shaping our lives and the future, but the way Angel sprinkles clues throughout the story is captivating and brilliantly written. If you're curious about the complex world of AI and love a good read, this book is definitely for you."

Amy Porterfield, New York Times Bestselling Author of ‘Two Weeks Notice’

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Discover the top 10 rules to survive and thrive in an ai-driven era

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Historically, the wolf has represented chaos and destruction, leading to the phrase "keep the wolf from the door" as an embodiment of the struggle against economic upheaval. The Great Depression of the 1930s saw people fighting to keep the wolf at bay (debt collectors) as they lost jobs and homes.


During the Great Recession of 2007-2008, the wolf lurked in the shadows of the financial collapse, with tent cities springing up across America as nearly nine million workers found themselves jobless. 


Today, the wolf has re-emerged yet again, armed with new tools to exploit our most significant vulnerabilities:


The need for purpose, job security, and our grip on reality as we know it. We need a new set of rules to play a game that changes daily.

"The Wolf is At The Door" invites you on a compelling journey, providing crucial insights for your future"

As you explore the latest jaw-dropping developments, you will travel from the bustling center of Manhattan to the tranquil farmlands of Australia, bearing witness to enduring echoes of the past—from the Great Depression to the Industrial Revolution—on a quest to answer the defining questions of our generation.

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Meet the author, Ben Angel

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Over the years, I've anticipated future trends, embracing ideas that once seemed outlandish. In 2009, I championed personal branding by speaking at over 60 business events years before the topic gained significant traction. In 2013, I foresaw the online education boom in my book, 'Flee 9 to 5.' Back then, during a live TV interview, I faced ridicule as the host compared my ideas to scam ads on power poles. Now, the industry is projected to reach $602 billion by 2030. 


In 2018, I embarked on a 90-day mission to biohack my way back to health after battling depression. I explored the use of wearable devices, smart drugs, and nutritional supplements tested by the military in my now-bestselling book, 'Unstoppable.'


I was humbled when 'Unstoppable' sold 80,000 plus copies and won praise from doctors, psychiatrists, and nutritionists for its ground-breaking approach to mental health. By 2021, I delved into nutritional psychology and gut microbiome research in my book 'Mind Control.'

As we venture further into the 21st century, I've turned my attention to AI, the next frontier in innovation.

Charting New Frontiers - A Landmark Book for Our Generation from the World's Best Business Magazine

Delving into the vortex of this digital revolution, "The Wolf Is at the Door" will guide you through this uncharted territory, providing you with a roadmap that illuminates the hurdles posed by AI and eases your transition into this brave new world. 

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