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Early Bird Offer: Price resets to $197 when timer hits zero & Free Book offer disappears.

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The Wolf Pack:
28 Day AI Mastery Fast Track

An online course that gets you up to speed on AI that will redefine the future

Understanding AI is hard. I make it a whole lot easier, more predictable, and more fun by taking you through the 'Wolf Pack Framework' for using AI to supercharge your productivity and profitability.

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30-day money back guarantee

25,000 + students

3 + million video views

80,000 + Books Sold

VIP Contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine

Unlock Your AI Mastery in Just 28 Days

For the Visionary Entrepreneur, Marketer & Leader Ready to Lead The Future

In a world where AI reshapes the very fabric of our professions, the divide between leaders and followers widens by the second.


The Wolf Pack: 28 Day AI Mastery Fast Track isn't just a course; it's your launchpad into a realm where your work doesn't just survive but thrives through the power of Artificial Intelligence so you can;


  • Save Time, Elevate Profit: Transform AI from a daunting challenge into your most trusted ally. Reclaim up to two full workdays each week and direct your focus where it matters most.

  • Navigate with Confidence: Sidestep the legal and ethical minefields with ease. Our insights turn the complex world of AI into an open book you can read blindfolded.

  • Become Irreplaceable: While AI replaces jobs, you'll be the one crafting its course. Learn the art of creating viral content that speaks, sells, and stands out.

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30-day money back guarantee

Working on the laptop

But, there are 3 urgent problems

AI is a double-edged sword, both presenting unimaginable benefits and challenges to employees and businesses. The problem, AI educators are glossing over the threats and not adequately preparing people to adapt.



Goldman Sachs forecasts a loss of 300 million jobs to AI, with layoffs already underway. That doesn't include the businesses that will become obsolete. Most don't know how to prevent AI from scraping their website and copying their work, making them vulnerable to being replaced.



You've used AI for emails, marketing, blogs, and research, yet you're missing out on its potential to revolutionize task automation and history itself. Crucially, there's a gap in understanding how to use it without infringing on copyright laws, risking legal issues for your business or your clients.


Playing vs mastering

You watch others boost productivity with AI Automation, while you're still not tapping into its full potential for your career or business. You're stuck with basic templates and prompts resulting in generic copy that undermines your competitive advantage.

30-day money back guarantee

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That's where 'The Wolf Pack' comes in

I'll show you how to turn AI into your competitive advantage & get you up to speed fast!

I'm Ben Angel, and in the past year AI has been my trusty co-pilot, helping me to save over $100,000, and acting as an editor for my latest book, 'The Wolf is at The Door, How to Survive & Thrive in an AI-Driven World,' published by Entrepreneur Magazine. My videos on AI have had over 3 million views internationally.

During my investigation, I unearthed critical insights;

  • People are forfeiting their competitive advantage by using AI to produce generic content

  • Using AI doesn't automatically shield you from being replaced by it (I will show you what will)

  • The current preparation for the AI era is grossly inadequate, with many inadvertently training AI to take over their roles.

This isn't just about keeping up; it's about staying ahead. My distinct approach to AI empowers you with unparalleled professional leverage in three simple steps. 

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Here's how it works:


Sign up for 'The Wolf Pack's 28-Days to AI Mastery Course.'


Dive into the short, yet impactful micro-lessons that will get you up to speed fast. Paced over 28-days so as not to overwhelm you.


Download and read 'The Wolf is at The Door' to expand your depth & understanding of AI to prepare you for the future.

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Revealing The 4 Step 'Wolf Pack' Framework:

What you will learn in this course

No tech expertise needed: Delivered in micro-lessons to save you time.

MODULE #1: Leveraging AI to Transform Threats into Strategic Advantages

  • Introduction

  • Dive into AI's Brain: Brief explanation of LLM (Large Language Models)

  • Automate Like a Pro: Discover tasks AI can handle effortlessly

  • Safeguard Your Creativity: How to avoid breaking copyright laws

  • Protect Your Digital Footprint: How to prevent AI from copying your work and scraping your website, stealing your site traffic (case study of an AI SEO Heist that stole 3 million website visitors, then went wrong!)

  • Navigate AI Marketing Minefields: Learn why current AI marketing strategies might be risky and result in a backlash and how to use AI smartly without falling foul of regulations.

  • AI Prioritization: How to prioritize AI tools for maximum productivity & profitability

  • Challenge Your AI Smarts:  Engage in an interactive quiz to solidify your newfound knowledge.


MODULE #2: Discover Prompt Engineering: The Gateway to AI Mastery & Your Professional Advantage

  • Prompt Engineering Unveiled: Dive deep into the core of AI's mastery with an introduction to prompt engineering, unlocking the secrets behind the power of AI.

  • Masters of the AI Realm: Discover who truly gains from prompt engineering expertise and why mastering this skill is crucial for anyone looking to leverage AI effectively in marketing and business.

  • Everyday Magic: See how prompt engineering can be seamlessly infused into daily tasks, transforming routine activities into opportunities for efficiency and innovation.

  • Beyond the Basics: Uncover the superior edge of custom prompts over generic alternatives. Learn the four key reasons why tailored prompts outshine stock ones in AI applications.

  • Crafting Excellence: Get introduced to the definitive seven-step formula for ChatGPT prompt mastery.

  • The Art of 'Prompt Chaining': Step into the revolutionary world of content creation redefined through prompt chaining, a technique that enhances the continuity and relevance of AI-generated content.

  • Outsmarting AI: Learn why AI sometimes produces lackluster content and discover strategies to beat AI at its own game, ensuring your content stands out with superior quality and creativity.


MODULE #3: Accelerating Success: Mastering AI in Marketing

  • Revolutionize Content Creation: Embrace AI's innovative approaches to content production, propelling your marketing efficiency to unprecedented levels.

  • Elevate Your Presentations: Transform your marketing pitches into captivating presentations that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

  • Sharpen Your Edge: Leverage cutting-edge AI tools to refine your reading and content creation skills, securing a formidable competitive advantage in the marketing arena.

  • Instant Content Repurposing: Discover the magic of AI in turning existing content into fresh, engaging materials within seconds, maximizing your content's lifecycle and reach.

  • Brand Messaging Mastery: Use AI to fine-tune your personal or company's brand messaging, ensuring clarity, consistency, and impact across all communication channels.

  • Supercharge Your Email Strategy: Elevate your email writing from basic to brilliant with AI, crafting messages that captivate, convert, and outperform the competition.


MODULE #4: Clone Yourself and Create Your Very Own AI Dream Team in Minutes, Not Hours!

  • Unlock Your Digital Double: Master the art of AI cloning to replicate your voice, tone, and professional persona, boosting your productivity and presence across digital platforms.

  • Harness the Power of GPTs: Dive into the world of Generative Pre-trained Transformers and discover how they can transform your workflow, creativity, and efficiency. (Simpler than it sounds!)

  • Build Your AI Dream Team in Minutes: Learn how to effortlessly assemble a personalized AI team that works round-the-clock, ensuring your projects move forward faster than ever.

  • Customize Your Clone: Gain exclusive insights into refining and personalizing your AI clones to perfectly match your style and preferences, setting a new standard in personalized digital communication.

  • Future-Proof Your Skills: Stay ahead of the curve by embracing the future of work with AI cloning and personal AI teams, ensuring you remain competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


30-day money back guarantee

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The Wolf Pack Philosophy

You'll get a FREE digital copy of my brand new book when you join today to accelerate your advantage

The Wolf Pack philosophy is clear: navigate the AI wilderness together, safeguarding against its hazards while unlocking its potential for the collective good.

This drove me to pen "The Wolf is at The Door," inspired by the alarming trend of individuals and businesses hastily embracing new technologies without truly grasping their implications. In their rush to stitch together a patchwork quilt from the deluge of emerging information to expand their enterprises, they overlook the seismic shifts that threaten to obliterate their efforts.

However, amidst these challenges lies a beacon of hope. My mission is to demystify the complex world of AI, guiding you through the labyrinth with clarity and simplicity. Through "The Wolf is at The Door," and the "Wolf Pack" I offer you the tools and insights to not only navigate but thrive in the AI revolution. You'll learn to identify the genuine opportunities that AI presents, gaining a true competitive edge that's built on understanding, not just adoption or hype.

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30-day money back guarantee

Ben's AI Blueprint: The Choice of Champions

The biggest names in the marketing & business world have endorsed Ben's approach to AI

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"Can't put it down..."

"In The Wolf Is At The Door, Angel has done an amazing job of blending his brilliance on many topics to help us channel fear of artificial intelligence into practical and focused solutions where we can maintain our humanity, our individuality, and our sanity: highly educational and practical, combined with excellent can’t-put-it-down storytelling throughout."


Mari Smith, Premier Facebook Marketing Expert, Top Social Media Thought Leader 

amy-porterfield orange_edited.jpg

"I was hooked.... 'The Wolf is at the Door.' It not only sheds light on AI's huge impact on shaping our lives & the future, but the way Angel sprinkles clues throughout the story is captivating & brilliantly written. If you're curious about the complex world of AI & love a good read, this book is definitely for you.

Amy Porterfield, New York Times Bestselling Author, Host of 'Marketing Made Easy,' 55 million downloads.


"A must-have..."

"A hard-hitting book about AI's societal impact with carefully crafted rules to navigate the labyrinth of an AI-run world. A must-have..." 


Dr. Ivan Misner, BNI Founder and NY Times Bestselling Author

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The Wolf Pack Philosophy

Join the Wolf Pack now

28-Day AI Mastery Fast Track (save $900)

$115.95  $997

Enroll now and unlock the most comprehensive AI course online. There has never been a more urgent time to upskill than right now.

Take advantage of the discounted price of 115 and save 882.00

The launch offer expires when the timer strikes zero.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Note: No exceptions will be made beyond the offer expiry date. Prices will increase and no free bonuses will be included.

What you get

A comprehensive framework for using AI to supercharge productivity and profitability, saving 1-2 days of work per week.

Strategies to navigate AI's potential threats, including copyright and job automation to become irreplaceable in the digital age.

A FREE digital copy of the book, 'The Wolf is at The Door, How to Survive & Thrive in an AI-Driven World' to accelerate your understanding of AI.

Amazing bonuses included...

Create your own AI-powered strategy template

Free online quiz at the end of each module to test your understanding

Free Q&A under each lesson with Ben Angel

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