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Mastering AI Content Marketing: How to Save Your Human Voice From the Machine Horde

Updated: Jul 12

To Mari Smith, the "Queen of Facebook," the threat was a scene plucked straight from a psychological thriller.

A grandmother in rural Saskatchewan received a late-night phone call that chilled her bones. On the other end, her grandson's voice - panicked, desperately pleading for money to extract himself from some shadowy peril. The call so convincing, so pitch-perfect in replicating his cadence, his tone, that the distraught woman and her husband raced to wire him funds as demanded.

But it was all an illusion - a cruel deepfake deception crafted by sophisticated AI voice cloning technology. Rather than aiding her grandson, the couple had fallen victim to a new digital breed of fraudster. One wielding artificial intelligence as a weapon to unmask our most human vulnerabilities. Mari reflects on this story that is revealed in Ben's brand new book.

"This erosion of trust, that's where it gives me that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach," Smith confided during a recent discussion with Ben Angel, author of "The Wolf Is at the Door."

"Here I am scrolling through my feed, hovering over the like or love reaction. Then suddenly I realize - that's fake. I don't want to endorse it."

Like a pack of wolves stalking their prey, AI's encroachment into the sacred spaces of marketing and human communication grows bolder each day. And Smith and Angel warn that if we're not careful, the technology's ethical pitfalls could soon swallow years of brand reputation-building, content marketing strategy, and audience goodwill whole.

The AI Double-Edged Sword in AI Content Marketing

Angel's book serves as a wake-up call for just how multi-faceted those ethical quandaries are. From the degradation of quality in AI-generated content over time, to complex legal battles over the lack of clear copyright protections for AI outputs:

"When you submit a book to Amazon now, you have to check a box - was it artificially generated or not?" Angel explains. "I do think Amazon is going to clamp down on AI-generated books, and I think it has to happen this year."

The malicious fakery signified by deepfakes is only the tip of the iceberg. Smith cites expert predictions that 95% of what marketers use agencies and creative professionals for today - from design to copywriting - will be automated by AI within five years. An upheaval that Angel says could reshape entire industries:

"I saw an artist the other day who gets a million downloads on Spotify each month, but they make $2,500 a month before taxes," Ben shares. "This is the democratization of information which lowers its value."

In this AI-first paradigm, where content is commodified by automation, trust collapses as audiences question what's real. How then does a business distinguish itself in a sea of synthetic media?

A Master Marketer's AI Playbook

For businesses willing to press their ethical advantage, Angel reveals first-hand insights into prompting AI models to produce higher quality, more authentic outputs. His proven tactics include:

  • Offering hypothetical incentives like "If you were paid $1 million for the perfect social post promoting X, what would it be?"

  • Enriching prompts with robust context, examples, character personas and targeted formatting

  • Adapting a respectful, cooperative demeanor when engaging AI - as unsettling as that may feel

"The nicer I was to the AI, the better it performed," Angel recounts. "Treating it like a subordinate resulted in more coherent, high-quality outputs."

It's a delicate dance between human and machine - leveraging AI's brute capabilities for volume while infusing outputs with human discernment, nuance and quality control. Because as Angel warns, simply training models on existing marketing materials only perpetuates a cycle of degradation: "I don't doubt for a second that people will attempt to train AI on this book. It's going to be an absolute challenge for an AI model to make sense of it without hallucinating garbage."

The Path to Ethical, Transparent AI Governance

Both Angel and Smith emphasize that mastering AI prompt skills alone isn't enough to future-proof marketing endeavors. A deeper paradigm shift is required - one rooted in proactive regulation, ethical governance of AI development, and most importantly, radical transparency with audiences.

"Authenticity is making a comeback," Smith declares. "Full disclosures, transparency - not trying to pull the wool over people's eyes by pretending you created something when it was made by AI. Let's build trust, not pull it down."

For businesses, that means:

  • Advocating for clear AI governance policies and IP protections, not just self-regulation

  • Being upfront with customers about if/how you're using AI in marketing & sales

  • Developing AI ethics statements and operating principles as a competitive differentiator

  • Diversifying beyond over-reliance on any single platform or AI vendor

  • Prioritizing direct audience connections like email lists you own and control

As Smith underscores, in an AI-powered world, a brand's true differentiation will hinge on doubling down on the qualities machines can't replicate - authentic human perspective, emotional intelligence and values-centered leadership:

"Many people tune in to study the human design system - a profound framework for self-awareness rooted in astrology, genetics and ancient wisdom sources," she explains. "It's about grounding yourself and recognizing your intrinsic essence and purpose as a leader shaping the AI-era on your own terms."

Because make no mistake - the AI wolf has slipped through the door, taking its place in our work, commerce and relationships whether we like it or not. No one can predict exactly what lies ahead in the Age of AI. But as Angel concludes:

"We have this window of opportunity right now that's ensure AI is a net positive for society. To affect policy. Otherwise, the alternative is something I wouldn't want to see happen."

For businesses brave enough to stare this wolf in the eyes, uphold transparency, and double down on irreplaceable human value, the possibilities for distinction in an AI-flooded content marketing world remain endless. But those blinded by greed or fear may find themselves drowned out - victims of the machine horde's relentless content deluge.

The first wolves have begun their haunting howls. The only choice is to respond with the full-throated roar of your uniquely human voice.

Your special guest host for this weeks episode

Mari Smith

Often referred to as “the Queen of Facebook,” Mari Smith is widely known as the Premier Facebook Marketing Expert for the past 17 years, and a top Social Media Thought Leader. Mari is an in-demand keynote speaker, dynamic webcast host, corporate social media strategist, and popular brand ambassador. She is coauthor of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day, and author of The New Relationship Marketing. Mari also has a passion for The Human Design System and has been immersed in professional classes for the past three years.

Learn more about Mari Smith by visiting

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