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AI Is Coming for Your Paycheck - "The Wolf Is at the Door" Reveals the Harsh Truth in New AI Book

Ben Angel's "The Wolf Is at the Door" sounds the alarm on AI's rapid job displacement.

ai book
Brand new AI book lays bare AI's threat to jobs - a ResumeBuilder survey found 44% of companies surveyed say AI will lead to layoffs in 2024.

A jarring phone call from a grandson pleading for bail money pierces the quiet of a grandmothers' home. But the voice on the other end isn't her grandson at all - it's a cunning artificial intelligence lying in wait to drain their life savings.

This chilling scene opens Ben Angel's groundbreaking new book "The Wolf Is at the Door: How to Survive & Thrive in an AI-Driven World."

With potent storytelling and crucial insights from the 8-year VIP contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine, whose AI video content has amassed over 5 million views, this survival manual lays bare AI's relentless disruption of society while equipping readers to endure and capitalize on the coming transformation.

"We are wildly unprepared for both AI's dangers and opportunities that have surpassed human capacity to comprehend."

"The wolf is no longer knocking - he has kicked open the door and is coming for your job, your finances, even your sense of reality itself," warns Angel, whose online courses have educated over 25,000 students worldwide. "We are wildly unprepared for both AI's dangers and opportunities that have surpassed human capacity to comprehend."

In a recent survey by, a startling 37% of business leaders admitted they have begun replacing human staff with AI systems. Nearly half (44%) stated they anticipate further jobs cuts in 2024 due to AI efficiency gains. "Change is inevitable, but it is also cruel and doesn’t care who you are or what position you hold."

AI book

Ben Angel: Veteran analyst of business, health, and technological trends for over two decades, and esteemed author of 8 groundbreaking books including the bestseller 'Unstoppable' with 80,000 copies sold. His latest work, 'The Wolf Is at the Door', deftly navigates the AI revolution, making it an indispensable guide for thriving in an AI-driven world.

The book pulls no punches in exposing the sobering truth about AI's disruptive impact on employment and income. Angel and leading experts bluntly identify the industries and roles most at-risk of having human workers replaced by AI systems in the near future.

However, the book also provides a lifeline. With gripping narrative and up-to-the-moment insights, "The Wolf Is at the Door" exposes AI's 10 gravest threats while providing an indispensable 10-rule framework to thrive amid the disruption, including:

  • A brutally honest examination of which jobs and industries face immediate existential risk from AI automation

  • The psychological toll of "hypervigilance" as humans become overwhelmed by the blistering velocity of technological change

  • The urgent need for continuous upskilling as AI rapidly makes current job skills obsolete

Moreover, the book also equips readers with a vital set of survival strategies with its 10 rules to conquer the AI era, such as:

  • "Expect the Unexpected" - Embracing adaptability as the only constant

  • "Avoid Cruel Optimism" - Resisting unattainable lures that prevent focusing on reality

  • "Make Tough Decisions Fast" - Developing a capacity for rapid, difficult choices

Equal parts startling, entertaining, and empowering, 'The Wolf Is at the Door' establishes Ben Angel as the cannot-miss guide for the coming AI disruption. 'This guide is an essential compendium for anyone concerned with securing their vocational and financial future in the seemingly unfathomable landscape of artificial intelligence,' Angel says. 'When you meet the wolf, will he be friend or foe? By the end of this book, you'll decide whether to tame the beast or ignore it at your own peril.'

You can get a FREE digital copy of 'The Wolf is at The Door' when you join Angel's AI Mastery Fast Track.

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