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The Top 6 AI Risks for Entrepreneurs & The Top 3 Skills You Need to Combat Them

Updated: Jul 12

Imagine standing on the brink of the most transformative era in modern history—an era not just shaped by Artificial Intelligence but dominated by it, and failing to understand the impact it will have on your future and your business.

Ignoring the tidal wave of AI positions you squarely on the path to professional extinction. It opens the door for competitors to clone your success, for automation to replace your role, and for your relevance in your industry to evaporate.

Rather than getting caught up in trying to keep up with every AI development, what you truly need is a strategic roadmap to navigate the AI revolution, enabling you to amplify your efficiency and impact in weeks, not months.

There are 6 risks employees and entrepreneurs are taking right now that firmly put themselves in the crosshairs of being replaced, or worse getting hit with legal action due to them misusing AI.

Thankfully, I’ve got a free AI success kit that will help you navigate them, the link is in my bio below. But first, there’s one big mistake which is the most overlooked of all. Before we get to that, you must answer an important question;

How well do you truly understand artificial intelligence?

Beyond just using it to write emails, proposals or create images of angry bunnies.

I asked myself this question when I started researching my latest book, The Wolf is at The Door, How to Survive and thrive in an AI-driven world. After looking over thousands of use cases, what I found was most people’s understanding of AI is basic, leading to 6 key risks they’re unknowingly taking that could cost them their job or their business.

  1. They don’t know how to train AI in their own brand voice, which means their marketing message gets watered down and they lose their competitive advantage.

  2. They’re ignorant to the legal risks of using ai chatbots on their sites. For example, Air Canada was just held liable for a hallucinating Chatbot. They haven’t done the necessary risk assessments before deploying these tools that could result in a public backlash.

  3. They’re failing to see the practical applications to grow their businesses. They’re stuck using stock prompts that do not unleash the full capacity of large language models. They’re missing 5 key ways they could use it to launch a startup or grow their business.

  4. They think that if they use AI, they’re immune to being replaced by it. Tell that to the 30,000 Google employees who just got made redundant by an AI tool.

  5. They’re using AI to write blog posts, not being aware that it could get them deranked from Google’s organic search results. Recent research has found that people prefer human generated content over AI generated content. Learning how to strike that balance is how you will win in the future.

  6. They’re failing to see that clients and competitors can easily clone their work and they’re not repositioning themselves for success in a world in which AI is faster and cheaper than they are.

But, the biggest one of all, is they are not aware of their own knowledge gap.

They are caught up in the current hype cycle, failing to see how AI will beneficially and negatively impact their career or business in 1 to 2 years time.

When this hype cycle ends, there’s going to be a bloodbath of businesses that get wiped out because they were blinded by the quick wins and fast cash.

There is a right way, and a wrong way to deploy AI for productivity and profitability.

The wrong way is to fly blind, which is likely 99% of the population right now. The right way is to have a deeper, more nuanced understanding of AI and quickly close your knowledge gap, as if your career and business depends on it, because it does.

When you understand how to use AI effectively, you’ll see that it can help you discover a new world of untapped customers, master the art of digital storytelling to help increase sales, help you solve problems through its predictive powers, scale at the speed of thought by automating cognitively demanding tasks, and predict consumer trends.

But, the question is, what are the core skills you need to take advantage of this and survive and thrive in an ai-driven world?

Skill 1: Prompt engineering.

Prompting an AI to generate content requires critical thinking, and an understanding that as AI content floods the internet, AI models begin to break and their responses become lazy as we’ve seen in the past few months. You must have the skills to combat these issues as they accelerate. You must also know how to prompt it to avoid reproducing copyrighted material, especially if you’re producing content for clients. If it gets your client in trouble, it’s going to get you in trouble.

Skill 2: Personal Branding.

Your personal brand is going to become even more important moving forward. The release of GPT’s means that users can quickly clone influencers and even the services that your business provides within minutes. The reason I show people how to clone themselves in my ‘28 days to AI mastery course’ is so that they both understand the threat and the possibility so they can pivot.

Now is the time to reshape your value proposition, confronting this crucial question head-on:

Why should clients choose you—a person—over an AI solution that doesn’t complain, takes time off, is more cost-effective, faster, and available round-the-clock?
If you can’t answer that, you’re already in trouble.

A key rule I discuss in my book, the wolf is at the door and the free ‘AI Success Kit’ below is to assume vulnerability. By assuming you could be replaced, you quickly reposition your competitive edge setting yourself up for massive success in the months ahead.

Skill 3: Avoid cruel optimism.

We’re getting repeatedly told that AI won’t replace you, but someone using AI will. This is B.S. An AI ad generation tool at Google, didn’t just replace the workers not using it, it replaced 30,000 of them! I’m sure it was sold to them that it was going to make their lives easier.

But understand this, AI is infinitely scalable. It no longer takes a village to run a company, it is both an opportunity and a threat. By tackling these tough questions head on, as I do in my free guide below, book and course, it means that you’re never blindsided if a client cancels a contract or an employee lays you off because you’re always 10 steps ahead.

Think of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time—the visionaries who revolutionized industries, the mavericks who dared to break from tradition.

What set them apart?

They made closing the knowledge gap from where they are to where they want to be, their most urgent priority.

So, I’ll ask you the same question we began with, how well do you truly understand artificial intelligence?

If you want to apply it the right way, and not be 99% of those that are taking unnecessary risks, download the Free AI success kit, and get a copy of The Wolf is at The Door today. It’s even received praise by marketing maverick and new york times bestselling author, Amy Porterfield.

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