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[VIDEO] Brace for Impact - 7 Shocking AI Trends for 2024 That Will Leave You Speechless!

Updated: Apr 5

Dive into the top 7 AI trends poised to shake up your reality in 2024 in this enlightening video. Uncover insights into the emerging world of AI tools that are transforming industries beyond recognition.

Experience an exclusive preview of an AI-driven world where employers might clone you without your consent, AI SEO heists become the norm, and AI model performances see unforeseen collapses. Google's AI-based ad tools and the question of digital identity ownership are among the key highlights.

A special feature in this video comes from the futurist Sinead Bovell, who adds a fresh perspective after becoming a victim of unauthorized cloning. We also touch upon the ground-breaking AI tools powered by OpenAI that are expected to redefine our lifestyles.

Our discussion extends to generative AI and its potential implications on truth and authenticity in the digital world. A crucial part of this conversation is about ownership and rights on AI-generated outputs, an issue capturing global attention via the New York Times lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft.

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